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Finally, a tool and technique that will give you the success you are looking for when adding fabric corners to basic shapes. For years we’ve been layering small squares on big squares, marking & stitching on a diagonal line, then hoping everything lines up when we fold the small corner section back into place. If you’ve tried it, you know the pitfalls: too big, too short, too crooked and way too wasteful. No more! With your new Corner Pop tool, you will be able to trim rather than mark, add an oversized replacement triangle and then square everything to a perfect size. In twenty two different sizes – whole, half and quarter inches, this one will improve your success and eliminate undue stress for every level of quilter. You are going to love the results!


– Ruler Size: approx. 9½" x 9½"

– 22 size options from ¾" finished corners to 6"

– Finished corners in ¼" increments

– Step by step illustrated instructions

– Online instructions available for download

– Left hand cutting and trimming instructions

– Fine lines for higher accuracy

– Online tutorial

– Numerous companion patterns available

– Item # DT16