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Four Patches, basic units that seem so simple to make but UGH! Why are they so challenging to keep straight!? It seems you should just be able to stitch 4 squares together, either individually or with strip piecing and you’re good to go. But anyone who has attempted these units knows that they are notoriously difficult to make perfectly. Either the unit size isn’t quite right, the edges just don’t quite line up, or they’re just not quite square. Even experienced stitchers have these issues. What if I told you there is a better way? With the Four Patch Square Up tool by Deb Tucker's Studio 180 Design, they will come out perfectly lined up and centered every time! Like all the Studio 180 Design tools and techniques, you will build your units slightly oversized and then trim them to perfect shapes. The Four Patch Square Up© Tool is designed to work with units that finish to whole or half inch increments, from ½” finished up to 6” finished unit sizes. The tool’s perfectly engineered lines are designed to easily locate and align with the unit center and the sewn seams, allowing for easy trimming on all four sides. The accuracy is amazing! Your units will be the correct size the first time. They will have seams properly positioned. And they will have edges that are straight, even, and square. No more guess work! You are going to love the results!


– Ruler Size: approx. 7" x 13"

– 12 size options

– ½" to 6" finished units in ½" increments

– Step by step illustrated instructions

– Online instructions available for download

– Left hand cutting and trimming instructions

– Fine lines for higher accuracy

– Online tutorial

– Additional technique sheet available to create offset four patches

– explore more in the Technique Sheet section of our online store!

– Item # DT17